I am a writerDan Picture and avid student of economics by obsession, a finance and accounting practitioner by profession.

Entrepreneurship is a frequent theme, but my writing is frequently about politics and economics, because they are inextricably linked. My strong opinions are based on a long search for the truth after finding myself lacking. I tell it like I see it, but encourage anyone to disagree with me, because that is how I learn. I do adjust my point of view when I am proven wrong. I do, however, enjoy the fight.

My default inclination favors freedom in markets and society over political solutions to the problems we face. Over many years, thousands of hours of reading, discussing, and researching, I have not come across valid arguments to convince me otherwise.

IMG_0856I have been officially enstooled (a traditional term for installation, with the stool being the symbol of power and status) as Development Chief for the community of Ankaase on Lake Bosumtwi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. (Link to project Facebook Page:  Liberty Village Project-Ankaase)

The region is very traditional, with chiefdom the primary form of local and regional governance, while still being subject to the national laws of Ghana. The area is isolated and very poor, and there are many problems to overcome, of which general education is a significant example. More importantly, however, is the effort to open their minds to self-responsibility, entrepreneurship, and the potential that they already possess. Buildings and infrastructure are deteriorating as they wait for someone, politicians, NGOs, or charities, to do something. High unemployment, especially among the youth, is a chronic and growing problem.

It also represents a giant opportunity if a spirit of entrepreneurship and industry can be cultivated. There is a large labor pool if trade among the communities can be enhanced, leveraging a growing division of labor and utilization of the magnificent asset in Lake Bosumtwi for tourism.

Political obstacles loom ahead, but significant political support is already established. It is an exciting time and a profound opportunity.

I have a long100xMemorialDaySpeechrunning series of columns, all of which I plan to eventually have posted to this site. I have links to other sites which carry my work on other ongoing projects, which I intend to have published as books in the future. I invite you to explore and to interact as we build toward a community of thinkers.

I appreciate my readers, and I encourage anyone to take issue with what I say, honestly and civilly. Present me with a coherent argument based on true premises and I will thank you for teaching me something new.

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