Optimistic Outlook with Limiting Factors

People do things for a purpose. They go to work, they clean their houses, and cook meals for a reason. For every action that we consciously take, we have some purpose in mind, and we use some means to achieve it. That means is a process, sometimes very simple, but Continue Reading →

Monopolies Are Bad

If you paid attention in history class, you probably heard about all of those evil monopolists of the trust-buster era of the early 1900s. You probably heard about how they would lower prices to drive competitors out of business and, once they got the monopoly position, they would restrict output Continue Reading →

Immigration and the Welfare State

We often hear from the progressive left that we need a powerful welfare state in a free society, because people without resources cannot be free. The poor might not be able to get enough food, may have to work long hours instead of tending to their families, and may not Continue Reading →

With What to Replace the ACA?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA, or Obamacare, has been back in the spotlight since Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States. Regaining control of the presidency and both houses of legislature, the Republican party has deemed it a priority to repeal Continue Reading →

Low-Information Voters Are Ok

A strain of elitism is circulating that denigrates low-information voters and proposes that only the educated elite are qualified on all of the complex issues of modern society and politics to vote on who should rule us. Factions on both the left and the right heartily embrace it, and they Continue Reading →

“Never Forget” Has Wide Application

I was recently helping my mother-in-law go through some of the many decades worth of accumulated memories. My father-in-law was a soldier in World War II, as was my father. One of the things we came across was an old black-and-white booklet about the Holocaust and the concentration and death Continue Reading →

Living With Differences

People do things for a reason. For every action, there is some type of stimulus, some mental process, and some choice, conscious or unconscious, among the wide variety of possibilities. There is no exception. Even psychotic people do what they do for a purpose that they hold in their own Continue Reading →

Progress Depends On Failure

Nobody likes to fail. It means that our efforts and our resources have been wasted on something that did not give the expected results. The best way to prevent failure is to do the things that worked before. As long as all of the conditions and inputs are the same, Continue Reading →

Even the Amish Know Economics

Amish people are an interesting lot. They are real people, just like everyone else. They have all of the human needs and wants, and they have the same human intelligence to fill those needs, but they also feel a need for cultural resistance, to be separate from the modern world Continue Reading →

2018 Is the Year to Dump Cuomo

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is at least consistent in his pandering. He built his reputation as an extreme progressive, and State voters elected him as such. The tide has been turning, however, as a large portion of Americans, including many New Yorkers, are getting weary of the anti-business, anti-freedom, Continue Reading →