Cultural Appropriation Is Awesome

I heard a new one recently. White Americans should not do yoga, because that is cultural appropriation, as though that is a bad thing. Cultural appropriation is a new whip with which the radical progressive left tries to flog Americans who happen to be white, especially if you also happen Continue Reading →

Inspiration from Unexpected Places

I am once again teaching at a Youth Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp in Ghana, West Africa. Young men and women, many of whom attend or who are graduates of university, gather to learn skills to help them build businesses, recognizing that, with the high rate of unemployment among youth, there Continue Reading →

Take Away the Obstacles

A recent article regarding a Washington D.C. memorial to Frederick Douglas reminded me of his powerful life story. Douglas, an escaped American slave, became a vocal abolitionist, an influential and articulate statesman, a newspaper publisher, and a strong promoter of individual rights and the limitation of the power of governments. Continue Reading →

Lessons From Africa- June 2013

By the time you read this, I will be in Africa to teach at a Youth Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp in Ghana. The basis for the camp, and so many like it around the world, is that free people tend to be much more prosperous than those who live under Continue Reading →