The Irony of the Common Good

Confusion is frequently created by conflating two different senses of an idea under the same name, with “common good” as an example. Acting unselfishly, as in helping your neighbor or helping clean a park, is often seen as acting toward the common good instead of just the good of the Continue Reading →

“Never Forget” Has Wide Application

I was recently helping my mother-in-law go through some of the many decades worth of accumulated memories. My father-in-law was a soldier in World War II, as was my father. One of the things we came across was an old black-and-white booklet about the Holocaust and the concentration and death Continue Reading →

My Prediction for the Next Four Years

America, in my opinion, averted a disaster by not electing Hillary Clinton. Regardless of whether any of her activities will actually be found to be worthy of prosecution, she is a progressive, big-government insider with all of the worst baggage. She was the heir to an ever-growing threat to the Continue Reading →

What Is the Will of the People?

This presidential election cycle, more than others in recent memory, exposes the Achilles’ heel of democracy. The justification for democratic rule is that it results in what is supposedly the will of the people. What, however, is that will when you have multiple blocs of people promoting fundamentally different and Continue Reading →

The Irony of the Greater Good

Collectivism is the idea that that the greater good takes precedence over individual good. The flourishing of the collective, the group, or the society is viewed as more important than the needs and desires of any individual. Communism, Fascism, and all other forms of socialism are formalized, political implementations of Continue Reading →

Selling the Ideas of Liberty

Liberty is a part of the American heritage. The foundational institutions have embedded its ideals, and the nation has a vocabulary that makes it almost sound trite to talk about it. We take so much for granted because we have enjoyed so much freedom relative to other countries. For a Continue Reading →