The Irony of the Common Good

Confusion is frequently created by conflating two different senses of an idea under the same name, with “common good” as an example. Acting unselfishly, as in helping your neighbor or helping clean a park, is often seen as acting toward the common good instead of just the good of the Continue Reading →

Sanders, Trump, and We, The People

Now, more than any time in recent history of the United States, there is a backlash against the establishment political parties. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are manifestations of the discontent of the people on the streets with the way things are going in Washington. They are popular with people Continue Reading →

Who Is Qualified to Run the Country?

With the (far, far too long) presidential election season upon us, we have already heard endless discussions about who is the right person to run the country. Should it be a billionaire businessman who obviously knows a thing or two about running successful for-profit companies or should it be someone Continue Reading →

The Paradox of the Common Good

From what I can see, most people want what is good, including what may be considered the common good. They want a society where people are treated fairly and are able to live decent, respectable lives. Who doesn’t want something that makes everyone better off? When political force and manipulation Continue Reading →