When Compassion Isn’t Compassionate

There really are laws of physics. Whether or not we understand thermodynamics, organic chemistry, or fluid mechanics, we witness them and depend on them every day of our lives. We can either use gravity to our advantage or we can fight it and lose. Those principles are not negotiable. If Continue Reading →

The Politics of Compassion

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia.org) All people are compassionate. At least they like to think they are in some sense. Even Al Capone, the brutal Chicago gangster of the alcohol prohibition era, was notably generous to charitable organizations. People would cheer for him when he showed up at baseball games because they Continue Reading →

Morality and Minimum Wage

Poverty has profound moral implications. Most religious traditions throughout history have dealt with it in some way. Moreover, most people, religious or not, think that poverty is bad, and that we, as individuals, should have compassion. Visions of poverty stir most people to some type of emotional reaction. As with Continue Reading →