Better Deal Equals Empty Rhetoric

Senator Chuck Schumer had a recent op-ed in the Progressive Liberal Democratic echo chamber called the New York Times. He seems to be asserting himself as the new voice of the Democratic party, with bold pronouncements of all of the new, progressive things he and his party are going to Continue Reading →

Hippocratic Oath for Politicians

Medical doctors take the Hippocratic oath upon entering the field of medicine. They pledge to follow high ethical standards, to help, not to hurt, and to remember that they remain members of society, with special obligations. The most striking clause of the oath jumps out: “Above all, I must not Continue Reading →

Bickering Over the Budget Windfall

People in every organization that gets funding from New York State have been salivating since the multi-billion dollar settlements from banks have been finalized. It is a windfall, a one-time event that is outside of the normal budget, and everyone is lining up for a share of the booty. Should Continue Reading →

Keeping Things In Perspective

Thanksgiving day provides an opportunity to step back and recognize good things in our lives, and there are many. One of those is a society with a heritage of freedom, one where people can live the lives they choose. We often take for granted the freedom of movement and the Continue Reading →

No Such Thing as Free Turkey

Families all over the country gathered Thanksgiving day, feasting on traditional turkey dinners, with many of the turkeys purchased at steep discounts, or even given free as promotions. Those turkeys are not free, however, or even low-cost. Someone paid all of the related expenses. There is no such thing as Continue Reading →