The Purpose of Voting in America

We often hear about the importance of democracy in America. By voting, according to this notion, “the people” demonstrate their collective wishes. The candidate who wins is supposedly instilled with such a will, and, after the election, we are all supposed to fall in line and support the leaders in Continue Reading →

Character Counts

Public choice economics analyzes government policies based on the understanding that politics usually involves benefits that are concentrated for a lucky few, while the costs are dispersed over a wide base. It makes sense for those few to expend a lot of resources getting the policies that will make them Continue Reading →

What Is the Will of the People?

This presidential election cycle, more than others in recent memory, exposes the Achilles’ heel of democracy. The justification for democratic rule is that it results in what is supposedly the will of the people. What, however, is that will when you have multiple blocs of people promoting fundamentally different and Continue Reading →

Voting Rights and Abuse of Power

Hong Kong is not the only place with election-rights drama. The Supreme Court of the United States has, for now, blocked the implementation of voter identification laws in Texas and Wisconsin. Both sides of the cases strenuously defend their positions and charge the opposition with evil and with nefarious purposes. Continue Reading →

Hong Kong and True Democracy

Thousands of people filled the streets of Hong Kong, demonstrating for true, direct democracy for the tiny island. Hong Kong is a separate administrative region of China, but China agreed to let it continue as a semi-autonomous area after it assumed control from the British in 1997. The irony of Continue Reading →