Positive-Sum and Mythical Myths

Anthropologist John Edward Terrell, in his New York Times column, “Evolution and the American Myth of the Individual,” proposes that individualism is a contradiction of reality. According to Terrell, if you adhere to the idea that individuals have rights, regardless of what the majority thinks about them or which of Continue Reading →

The Justice of Climate Justice

Last weekend, thousands of people converged on New York City in a march to spur leaders at the Global Climate Summit to action. The radical environmental group, Sierra Club, organized and paid for more than 100 busloads of marchers. National churches and other influential groups called on members to join Continue Reading →

The Politics of Compassion

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia.org) All people are compassionate. At least they like to think they are in some sense. Even Al Capone, the brutal Chicago gangster of the alcohol prohibition era, was notably generous to charitable organizations. People would cheer for him when he showed up at baseball games because they Continue Reading →

Talking Politics to African Politicians

Talking Politics to African Politicians (picture Wikimedia Commons) This week’s African Leader’s Summit in Washington was the first time that an American head-of-state hosted most of the African heads-of-state at one time, making it a historic event. In a more fundamental sense, though, it was nothing new. It was just Continue Reading →

The Cure for Ebola

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Though is it a truism, it is still true, especially in the case of a serious disease that can be fatal in up to 90% of the cases and for which no antidote or vaccine is currently available. Ebola is Continue Reading →

Pulling for the Little Guy

Photo-Wikimedia Commons I just read a list of booking fees for the top performers in America and I am appalled. Bruce Springsteen charges more than a million dollars, for one show, for a few measly hours of his time. Even if we give him the benefit of the whole day, Continue Reading →

Common Sense Development

A common-sense approach to international economic development has been available for decades. Unfortunately for those in less developed countries, as well as taxpayers in donor countries, that approach has been shunned by most development professionals. They substitute instead technocratic, centrally-planned, or stimulus-based solutions to poverty that disregard the rights, dignity, Continue Reading →

Ankaase Project-Ghana

The Ankaase Project is an effort for developing the Region around Lake Bosumtwi, a picturesque region, but one with severe lack of economic opportunity and trade. There is a high level of unemployment, especially among the youth. One of the projects is to teach crafts and skills to youth to Continue Reading →

Sierra Leone Liberty Group

This group is dedicated to the economic development of Sierra Leone through the promotion of entrepreneurship and strong, free markets. The goal is to bring training to the people of Sierra Leone in the ideas of liberty, entrepreneurship, free markets, and self-responsibility.

Economic Freedom’s Road to Progress

When my wife and I were in Kumasi, Ghana, we took a walk through a fix-it yard and I was amazed. Over several acres, automobiles and heavy trucks were being repaired out in the open or in crudely-built shelters. They even did automobile bodywork out in the open, with paint Continue Reading →