Optimistic Outlook with Limiting Factors

People do things for a purpose. They go to work, they clean their houses, and cook meals for a reason. For every action that we consciously take, we have some purpose in mind, and we use some means to achieve it. That means is a process, sometimes very simple, but Continue Reading →

Progress Depends On Failure

Nobody likes to fail. It means that our efforts and our resources have been wasted on something that did not give the expected results. The best way to prevent failure is to do the things that worked before. As long as all of the conditions and inputs are the same, Continue Reading →

The Role of the Entrepreneur

Astute observations and logic can yield timeless insights. Richard Cantillon, a French businessman and philosopher, wrote his “Essay on the Nature of Commerce in General” in 1730, decades before Adam Smith wrote his celebrated work, “The Wealth of Nations.” Thanks to the Mises Institute, it is now widely accessible with Continue Reading →

Why Is Civil Society Possible?

Nature is harsh. It follows certain rules that are absolutely unbreakable. Gravity prevails even if imminent death awaits its pull. Nature pays no heed to human needs or desires. That’s the negative side. The positive side is that, because those rules are consistent over time and place, it is possible Continue Reading →

When Law Loses Meaning

One of the bedrock principles in any free society is the rule of law rather than the rule of men. Even without government, the oft-idealized anarchic society, if people are to function on a regular basis in groups, there must be some type of rules for interaction, even if they Continue Reading →

Diverging Paths

Diverging Paths “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both….” The words of that famous poem by Robert Frost describe the essence of human life and progress. At any point, each individual faces particular circumstances of time and place that frame the available choices. Continue Reading →

A Pattern for Progress June 2013

The New Orleans Music and Talent School does not abide in New Orleans. Its name belies its unlikely location in the Kwapra neighborhood of Kumasi, Ghana. Its founders, Addai Bonsu Williams  and Armstrong Kwado Timothy attended the Youth Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp, but they were already entrepreneurs. With only 50 Continue Reading →