The Role of the Entrepreneur

Astute observations and logic can yield timeless insights. Richard Cantillon, a French businessman and philosopher, wrote his “Essay on the Nature of Commerce in General” in 1730, decades before Adam Smith wrote his celebrated work, “The Wealth of Nations.” Thanks to the Mises Institute, it is now widely accessible with Continue Reading →

What Drives Entrepreneurs?

At 4:30 this morning, I put the finishing touches on my book, “Compassion and Truth: Why Good Intentions Don’t Equal Good Results,” and sent it on its way. Yay! The night before last I stayed up until 6:30am because I was so focused that I didn’t want to stop. Over Continue Reading →

True Public Service

Public servants, as the term is normally understood, really don’t serve the public at all. They don’t live a selfless life of doing for others out of the goodness of their hearts. They work for a paycheck, just like everyone else. They work for their bosses, just like everyone else. Continue Reading →

A Pattern for Progress June 2013

The New Orleans Music and Talent School does not abide in New Orleans. Its name belies its unlikely location in the Kwapra neighborhood of Kumasi, Ghana. Its founders, Addai Bonsu Williams  and Armstrong Kwado Timothy attended the Youth Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp, but they were already entrepreneurs. With only 50 Continue Reading →