Progress Depends On Failure

Nobody likes to fail. It means that our efforts and our resources have been wasted on something that did not give the expected results. The best way to prevent failure is to do the things that worked before. As long as all of the conditions and inputs are the same, Continue Reading →

Lessons from Yard Sale Entrepreneurs

Last weekend I went with some family members for a fun day of “yard saling,” visiting the many yard sales in a particular locality, where people use their front lawns or garages to sell the stuff they want to get rid of to people passing by. I wasn’t looking for Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurial Solutions in Health Care

Health-care costs are spiraling out of control, making health insurance policies and medical services unaffordable in the United States. America has effective acute care capabilities, relatively short wait times for medical procedures, and easy accessibility for those who can afford it. That is good. What is bad is that incentives Continue Reading →