My Prediction for the Next Four Years

America, in my opinion, averted a disaster by not electing Hillary Clinton. Regardless of whether any of her activities will actually be found to be worthy of prosecution, she is a progressive, big-government insider with all of the worst baggage. She was the heir to an ever-growing threat to the Continue Reading →

Mixed Signals From the Market

Seven long years after the burst of the bubble economy, unemployment is finally below 6%. Corporate profits are high and the stock market is up. It looks as though everything is peachy, economically speaking. Or does it? Some things just don’t add up. While unemployment declined, the percentage of the Continue Reading →

Negative Interest and Pretense of Knowledge

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced its new attempt at stimulating European economies using negative interest rates on reserve deposits. That means that banks keeping reserves at the ECB will have to pay instead of receive interest on them, all in an attempt to get them to lend money. In Continue Reading →

The Different Faces of Inflation

Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. That has been acknowledged for a very long time, even by monetary authorities. A general increase in prices cannot occur in a stable or growing economy without an increase in the supply of money. If prices are rising for all or most Continue Reading →