Immigration and the Welfare State

We often hear from the progressive left that we need a powerful welfare state in a free society, because people without resources cannot be free. The poor might not be able to get enough food, may have to work long hours instead of tending to their families, and may not Continue Reading →

Why Is Freedom Good?

Someone recently asked why freedom is good, and it is worthwhile for everyone to seriously reflect on that question, because it makes a difference. My view of free society is that all people have the right to use, control, and make decisions about their own lives, liberty, and justly-acquired property. Continue Reading →

What’s So Good About Independence?

July Fourth is Independence Day, a time of celebration, with parties and fireworks all around. Like most countries, America has a day that marks the beginning, a time to remember independence or the start of a separate political entity. What, however, is so good about independence? What are we celebrating? Continue Reading →

Selling the Ideas of Liberty

Liberty is a part of the American heritage. The foundational institutions have embedded its ideals, and the nation has a vocabulary that makes it almost sound trite to talk about it. We take so much for granted because we have enjoyed so much freedom relative to other countries. For a Continue Reading →