Why Is Freedom Good?

Someone recently asked why freedom is good, and it is worthwhile for everyone to seriously reflect on that question, because it makes a difference. My view of free society is that all people have the right to use, control, and make decisions about their own lives, liberty, and justly-acquired property. Continue Reading →

What’s So Good About Independence?

July Fourth is Independence Day, a time of celebration, with parties and fireworks all around. Like most countries, America has a day that marks the beginning, a time to remember independence or the start of a separate political entity. What, however, is so good about independence? What are we celebrating? Continue Reading →

Selling the Ideas of Liberty

Liberty is a part of the American heritage. The foundational institutions have embedded its ideals, and the nation has a vocabulary that makes it almost sound trite to talk about it. We take so much for granted because we have enjoyed so much freedom relative to other countries. For a Continue Reading →