Chasing Economic Growth

People want to be better off tomorrow than they are today. While their views of what it means to be better off may vary, a higher level of prosperity is an important component for most people. Everyone, with the exception of a naked homeless, destitute person, has some level of Continue Reading →

Does Government Spend Enough?

The solution to the problems in America is for government agencies to spend more money. At least that seems to be the widely held belief. From Keynesian stimulus packages to the War on Poverty, whenever something doesn’t work like the planners intend, it is only because not enough money was Continue Reading →

What Is the Real Goal

The objective of national economic policy is primarily the growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), assuming that higher GDP translates to well-being of the population. There is some benefit of knowing where a nation stands in relation to its past and to other nations, but promoting the growth of GDP Continue Reading →