The Tyranny of Experts

Professor William Easterly authored an insightful book entitled “The Tyranny of Experts.” It focuses on the international development community, highlighting the damage that occurs when experts impose their pet solutions on regions and cultures that they don’t know, don’t understand, and don’t really care about. It is about saying you Continue Reading →

The Illegitimate Right to Broadband Access

Support seems to be a growing for treating broadband, high-speed internet as a basic human right. It is understandable, given the widely held assumptions about rights. It is just one of a growing list of goodies that people have come to claim as human rights, so it is worthwhile to Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurial Solutions in Health Care

Health-care costs are spiraling out of control, making health insurance policies and medical services unaffordable in the United States. America has effective acute care capabilities, relatively short wait times for medical procedures, and easy accessibility for those who can afford it. That is good. What is bad is that incentives Continue Reading →