Diversity Is Not a Virtue

The mantra of diversity in all things is taken for granted as an obvious truth and the way to societal nirvana. It is seldom questioned by promoters, but its virtue is not as straight-forward as it seems. It is, in fact, not a virtue at all. It is a description. Continue Reading →

Immigration and the Welfare State

We often hear from the progressive left that we need a powerful welfare state in a free society, because people without resources cannot be free. The poor might not be able to get enough food, may have to work long hours instead of tending to their families, and may not Continue Reading →

American Greatness on the Auction Block

Politicians are hawking their own majestic visions of what will make this nation great (again), even while they obviously don’t understand what it means or what causes it. Greatness, in the highest sense, doesn’t come from fiscal policy, monetary policy, or macroeconomics. It has nothing to do with international trade Continue Reading →

Immigration Isn’t the Problem

President Obama has proclaimed that he has lost patience with a congress that has done nothing to help him pay back his political favors to the Hispanic population after lending their support. Of course he didn’t use quite those same words. The fact that Congress had not passed comprehensive immigration Continue Reading →