The Junkie Recovery

Politicians have been gloating over the economic recovery that they engineered after the crash in 2008. The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in seven years. Gross Domestic Product continues to grow. Stocks and other financial markets are near all-time highs, after a steep downturn this summer. Compared to Continue Reading →

New Isn’t Necessarily Better (Or New)

French economist Thomas Piketty has received a welcome reception in the United States, at least in some circles, as he promotes his new book, “Capital in the Twenty First Century.” Using mounds of economic data, he claims to have found new evidence of an inherent flaw in capitalism, another word Continue Reading →

Pulling for the Little Guy

Photo-Wikimedia Commons I just read a list of booking fees for the top performers in America and I am appalled. Bruce Springsteen charges more than a million dollars, for one show, for a few measly hours of his time. Even if we give him the benefit of the whole day, Continue Reading →