You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Oh, the sweet memories of childhood sibling squabbles. I well remember my daughter’s emphatic proclamation to her brothers: “You’re not the boss of me!” Of course she was correct. The boys had no right to boss her around. That did, however, present some difficulty with parenting. We also did not Continue Reading →

American Greatness on the Auction Block

Politicians are hawking their own majestic visions of what will make this nation great (again), even while they obviously don’t understand what it means or what causes it. Greatness, in the highest sense, doesn’t come from fiscal policy, monetary policy, or macroeconomics. It has nothing to do with international trade Continue Reading →

The F-Word Versus the S-Word

The horrors of fascism have been pounded into everyone’s heads for decades, with visceral reactions of disgust and revulsion being carefully cultivated through visions of the German holocaust. Much less, however, has been made of the horrors of socialism, though they were and are equal or worse. The exterminations and Continue Reading →

Why Is Freedom Good?

Someone recently asked why freedom is good, and it is worthwhile for everyone to seriously reflect on that question, because it makes a difference. My view of free society is that all people have the right to use, control, and make decisions about their own lives, liberty, and justly-acquired property. Continue Reading →

Of Cake and Voluntary Association

A key ingredient of a free society is free association. Freedom means transacting and having relationships with whoever and under whatever circumstances one finds beneficial. It means not being forced by an authority to refrain from any activity that does not injure other people or their property. It also means Continue Reading →

When Law Loses Meaning

One of the bedrock principles in any free society is the rule of law rather than the rule of men. Even without government, the oft-idealized anarchic society, if people are to function on a regular basis in groups, there must be some type of rules for interaction, even if they Continue Reading →

The Irony of the Greater Good

Collectivism is the idea that that the greater good takes precedence over individual good. The flourishing of the collective, the group, or the society is viewed as more important than the needs and desires of any individual. Communism, Fascism, and all other forms of socialism are formalized, political implementations of Continue Reading →

When Bad Is Good

Some people say that if it wasn’t for bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all. If that is true, it is likely because they have not taken advantage of the lessons that bad luck offered them before. Reality doesn’t operate on the basis of luck. There are real, Continue Reading →

When Planning Creates Chaos

All people do some type of planning, which is simply looking toward the future to determine the steps needed to achieve objectives. Employment is one of the means available. Workers choose to trade their time and labor because it enables them to better satisfy their needs and pursue their goals. Continue Reading →