The Necessity of Ideology

Minimum wage has been a hot topic for quite a while. Those who want to impose a high minimum often latch onto a study by economists Alan Krueger and David Card that showed that a minimum wage increase had no effect on employment levels. That study had inherent weaknesses and Continue Reading →

The War on Jobs

Governor Mario Cuomo became the battlefield commander in the latest skirmish in the New York state War on Jobs. Of course, he is not the first or only one. Other places have certainly made more progress in their job elimination programs, but the Governor is trying his best to catch Continue Reading →

Subsidies, Bans, and Price Controls

“Everything I like is a human right, so someone else should be forced to pay for it. Everything I don’t like should be banned.” A familiar jab at modern liberal-progressives, though sadly true to a large extent, is certainly not limited to them. It is a common sentiment these days Continue Reading →

Immigration Isn’t the Problem

President Obama has proclaimed that he has lost patience with a congress that has done nothing to help him pay back his political favors to the Hispanic population after lending their support. Of course he didn’t use quite those same words. The fact that Congress had not passed comprehensive immigration Continue Reading →

Morality and Minimum Wage

Poverty has profound moral implications. Most religious traditions throughout history have dealt with it in some way. Moreover, most people, religious or not, think that poverty is bad, and that we, as individuals, should have compassion. Visions of poverty stir most people to some type of emotional reaction. As with Continue Reading →