Why Is Eldercare So Expensive?

The costs of caring for the elderly are rapidly increasing, and it is not simply because baby-boomers are aging. The average cost of individual care is much higher than it has ever been. For a clue as to why that might be happening, look to other areas of the economy Continue Reading →

Greed, Corporate and Otherwise

With the presidential election cycle in full swing, people are focusing more on the influence that certain corporations, unions, universities, religious and charitable organizations, and other massive entities exert on politicians. That attention is certainly good, because there is far too much influence peddling, especially at the national level. Those Continue Reading →

A Little Humility, Please

The last few centuries have brought amazing advances in our knowledge of how the world works, with increasing understanding of physical and biological processes, human health, economic phenomena, and so on. Most of the progress comes from experts who have dedicated their lives to a particular field of knowledge and Continue Reading →

Building Sandcastles

The beach is a blank canvas on which sandcastle artists build their amazing creations. Some build models of life-size horses, people, or even dragons that are incredibly detailed and life-like. What makes sand-art different from most art is that the artist knows it will soon be gone, washed away by Continue Reading →