Even the Amish Know Economics

Amish people are an interesting lot. They are real people, just like everyone else. They have all of the human needs and wants, and they have the same human intelligence to fill those needs, but they also feel a need for cultural resistance, to be separate from the modern world Continue Reading →

The Carrot Versus the Stick

Donald Trump was elected with an “America First” message that resonated with a wide swath of Americans who feel economically pinched. What that really means remains to be seen, but it appears to be focused on protectionist measures, punishing foreign imports for the benefit of domestic producers. Trade, however, is Continue Reading →

The Politics of Dangerism

Dangerism is a term introduced by Gever Tulley in his insightful book called Beware Dangerism! It is primarily about parents being overly protective of their children. By shielding their kids from all danger, they are protecting them from the simple and effective lessons of life. A normal kid, in the Continue Reading →

Who Does Protectionism Protect?

Protectionism is the imposition of legal restrictions on economic activity or the grant of favored treatment to shield a constituency from the negative effects of competition. It includes, among many others, protective tariffs, quotas, and subsidies. Its proponents explain that jobs will be lost if policies of free trade and Continue Reading →