The Not-Surprising Trump Speech

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump’s speech before the United Nations was perfectly in line with what people have come to expect from him, of the image he has fostered, and of the rhetoric he uses. In many important ways, it is a different kind of speech to Continue Reading →

Left Fascism Versus Left Socialism

Fascists and socialists are quite different. Leftists of the fascist or Nazi variety had concentration camps and the Holocaust, whereas leftists of the socialist variety had gulags, mass extermination of villages, and state-sponsored mass-starvation of millions. See the difference? The biggest difference is that we learn about the Nazi variety Continue Reading →

Affordable Care Fairy Dust

I just got notice that the cost of our health insurance is going up almost fourteen percent for the year. To give some perspective, if you accept the official figures, the consumer inflation rate is 1.9%. The increase in premium is more than seven times the overall rate of consumer Continue Reading →

“Never Forget” Has Wide Application

I was recently helping my mother-in-law go through some of the many decades worth of accumulated memories. My father-in-law was a soldier in World War II, as was my father. One of the things we came across was an old black-and-white booklet about the Holocaust and the concentration and death Continue Reading →

Consumerism, Capitalism, and Laissez Faire

People who support capitalism as a social system usually mean markets, economic freedom, and property rights. Those who oppose it think of “unbridled Laissez Faire,” meaning people hurting others while doing whatever they want. Laissez Faire literally means “Let them act,” so, in a practical sense, it means minimal governmental Continue Reading →

The F-Word Versus the S-Word

The horrors of fascism have been pounded into everyone’s heads for decades, with visceral reactions of disgust and revulsion being carefully cultivated through visions of the German holocaust. Much less, however, has been made of the horrors of socialism, though they were and are equal or worse. The exterminations and Continue Reading →

When Socialism Succeeds

Socialism works. That is what we are told by those who promote the perfect People’s Utopia. Success in any endeavor, however, depends on how it is defined. In the 1930s, smart, influential people visited the Soviet Union and gushed about the wonders of socialism, all of the progress that they Continue Reading →

The Irony of the Greater Good

Collectivism is the idea that that the greater good takes precedence over individual good. The flourishing of the collective, the group, or the society is viewed as more important than the needs and desires of any individual. Communism, Fascism, and all other forms of socialism are formalized, political implementations of Continue Reading →

The Confused Legacy of Mandela

Nelson Mandela died on December 5th, 2013. Hailed as a great man by people all over the world, he spent 27 years in jail, and after his release he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in getting rid of apartheid in South Africa. He was elected that Continue Reading →