Revolutions Don’t Always End Well

On the one hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution, October 25, I watched the 1965 movie “Dr. Zhivago”, a story based on a manuscript smuggled out of the Soviet Union and published in 1957. The setting is the Russian Empire and the events leading up to and following the revolution Continue Reading →

Central Planners of Silicon Valley

It may seem strange, but there are people in Silicon Valley who have significant characteristics in common with Soviet dictators of the last century. Of course they don’t seem to have the tendency toward brutal repression and violence, but what they do have is the mindset that things are wrong, Continue Reading →

Competition Is Beautiful

Living in a rural area, I know a lot of farmers, but I actually know more former-farmers. They no longer farm because, for whatever reason, they could not be profitable, or the profits they earned were not worth the tremendous investment of their lives and their energy. On the other Continue Reading →

When Socialism Succeeds

Socialism works. That is what we are told by those who promote the perfect People’s Utopia. Success in any endeavor, however, depends on how it is defined. In the 1930s, smart, influential people visited the Soviet Union and gushed about the wonders of socialism, all of the progress that they Continue Reading →

Ownership, Goals, and Central Planning

People establish businesses and other private organizations for specific purposes, arranging systems of assets and people to achieve their goals. Economies and societies, on the other hand, are not organized by anyone. They emerge naturally from the interactions of individuals as they go about their lives. The study of complex Continue Reading →