The Irony of Affordability Programs

A funny thing happens when politicians are determined to make a good or service more affordable: It becomes less affordable and/or less available, depending on the approach taken. Many people are taken by surprise when it happens, but there is nothing surprising about it. It is the result of simple Continue Reading →

The Important Things of Economics

Economists have some important things to say. That doesn’t mean that everything that they say is true. The economics profession has become too-closely tied to politics, and economic recommendations to politicians too often have the smell of ideology wrapped in statistics and complex mathematical models. Practitioners often disagree, in fact Continue Reading →

Did Greedy Oil Companies Get Religion?

Average prices of gasoline in America are significantly below $3.00 per gallon (at least if you don’t live in an anti-competitive state like New York). Don’t those greedy oil company executives realize that they can set gasoline prices as high as they want? Gas stations are free to charge ten Continue Reading →

Adventures in Dining

We had a couple of family birthdays recently, and we like to have nice dinners for the guests of honor. One of them chose a Japanese restaurant for enjoying an entertaining meal. The other chose to have dinner at our house with juicy Angus steaks from a local meat market. Continue Reading →