When Central Planning Works

A significant swath of people believe that central planning by a government body is necessary for at least some economic activity. They can point to the rapid, massive buildup of the American war machines for both world wars and their successful prosecution, to the seemingly-successful management of consumer price inflation Continue Reading →

Some People Have Money to Spend

Black Friday is bargain day for millions of people. The ascent of online shopping has also generated the internet version called Cyber Monday. The marketing has been migrating, however, from promoting a single day or weekend to offering deals over the entire months of November and December. People generally like Continue Reading →

The Politics of Dangerism

Dangerism is a term introduced by Gever Tulley in his insightful book called Beware Dangerism! It is primarily about parents being overly protective of their children. By shielding their kids from all danger, they are protecting them from the simple and effective lessons of life. A normal kid, in the Continue Reading →

Greed, Corporate and Otherwise

With the presidential election cycle in full swing, people are focusing more on the influence that certain corporations, unions, universities, religious and charitable organizations, and other massive entities exert on politicians. That attention is certainly good, because there is far too much influence peddling, especially at the national level. Those Continue Reading →

Does Progressivism Lead to Progress?

Progressive ideas have a certain appeal to a wide swath of people. It would be nice to be able to eradicate poverty, to ensure that all children are cared for and educated at the highest level, to have a world free of violence, to make sure that everyone has plenty Continue Reading →

Why Is Civil Society Possible?

Nature is harsh. It follows certain rules that are absolutely unbreakable. Gravity prevails even if imminent death awaits its pull. Nature pays no heed to human needs or desires. That’s the negative side. The positive side is that, because those rules are consistent over time and place, it is possible Continue Reading →

Ownership, Goals, and Central Planning

People establish businesses and other private organizations for specific purposes, arranging systems of assets and people to achieve their goals. Economies and societies, on the other hand, are not organized by anyone. They emerge naturally from the interactions of individuals as they go about their lives. The study of complex Continue Reading →

A Bird In a Cage

Tweety Bird, of Warner Brothers cartoon fame, was an adorable yellow canary with a speech impediment, whose constant tribulations made us laugh. He was content to sit on his swing, while Sylvester the cat was always conjuring ways to get him. Granny was his protector, at least when it worked Continue Reading →